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Life is a journey.

That's what i remind myself, frequently.

Because, very often i feel like i'm not progressing fast enough ... with anything.

I've discovered it's a problem i have ... Something somewhere in my brain / mind tells me that

i'm not doing enough, and what i am doing, i'm doing too slowly.

My friend, (who is a therapist), calls the source of this voice 'The Liar'.

It's obviously self critical.

It's obviously part of a negative thought process.

It has become obvious that it actually makes me less productive.

So, i taught myself to STOP that voice, step away from it, stop listening to it, and look back at my

past in order to remind myself of the journey.

Or, life throws something at me to remind me ... and life is rarely subtle about it!

In the last week i was reminded, (once again), that life is a precious journey.

The only thing we know for sure is that we were born, and we will die.

The journey is from those two points, and it's really up to us which roads we choose to travel on.

Everyone on this planet walks their own path, and at the same time everyone shares so many things.

We really are very simple.

We will love, and be loved. We will make mistakes. We will do things right. We will have company,

and we will be alone ... We will all 'want' for very similar things ... The list of common experience goes on.

All of this is a part of THE JOURNEY.

I've found that it serves me to be forever learning to be more aware of who and how i am.

And just forever learning.

And now, while i'm writing this, i'm reminded how i often confuse simple with easy.

There is very little that is easy about any of this for me ... How about you?

At the same time, my perception of easy changes once i stop listening to 'The Liar'.

'The Liar' plays tricks ... 'The Liar' tries to confuse issues, cast clouds, shadows and more.

'The Liar' tries to stop me being in the 'now' ... 'The Liar' tries to stop me seeing and enjoying the process.

'The Liar' tries to stop me loving THE JOURNEY.

When i STOP for a moment,

look around,

watch people going about their day,

look up at the sky,

listen to the birds singing ... Everything comes back into focus, and i'm once again amazed at my journey so far.

Just over 3 years ago i left the UK, landing here with one suitcase, one piece of carry on luggage containing my harmonica's and microphones, and a little money.

I came here to be with the woman i fell in love with, (an American blues singer of some note),

and so my new life began.

Five days later i was at the Blues Music Awards in Memphis

While i was there i got myself a job ... Security at a gay bar in boys town Los Angeles.

As you can imagine, i have a bunch of funny stories about that!

Not long after that i was asked if i would be willing to help repo a car for someone,

in the middle of the night. Naturally i said yes ... Life is for living, right?!

The owner of the car was so happy she let me keep the car.

The love of my life went back on tour a few days after the Memphis trip.

I was on my own in Los Angeles, with a job, an apartment, and now a nice car!

Now THAT is the start of an exciting journey ... which is a part of a bigger journey called life.

All of this is me reminding myself, and YOU, that we are here for the blink of an eye.

So, live your life to the fullest, and enjoy, THE JOURNEY.

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