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TJ IN LA ... 1 Year and counting!!!

Hey, yes its been ages since i posted on here, sorry.

I've been crazy busy adjusting to life living in Los Angeles, so i totally dropped the ball with this website ... My Bad!

OK, so here's a super quick run down of things since i got here in April 2015.

Went to BMA's 4 days after arriving, played with Bob Margolin, Janiva Magness and Lisa Mann at the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street, met and hung out with a ton of top blues artists that i love. Janiva won a BMA.

Married janiva Magness on 7 June 2015 ... YES, you did read that right.

Booked and played a few gigs at BBQ joints here in LA throughout 2015. People here seem to like my TJ & THE SUITCASE solo act.

Been to gigs and events in Vegas, Tuscon, Pasadena, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Got asked to do some backing vocals on Janiva's last album by her mega talented producer Dave Darling. I'm on the album (LOVE WINS AGAIN) which was recorded at DOGHOUSE STUDIO'S. Been working out how to launch TJ & THE SUITCASE here in LA, and thats an ongoing learning process. Judged at the IBC in Memphis, played as a duo with Andy Talamantez, then fronted his band for a few songs, which went down very well. HAPPY! Went to a cool jam with my blues DJ friend Greg Miera where i got to see James Harman and Jr Watson play. Played my first House Concert here in LA in 2016 and it went great. Started trying to build a new website @, which i really suck at, so that is still being worked on (any help with Wordpress Website design etc would be much appreciated!). There is lots more that i've done but i dont have space to put it all on here so i'll make sure i put up regular posts from now on, PROMISE. Now i have to get ready to go see my friend Cindy Alexander play an album launch gig. She's an awesome artist and lovely person so check her out. See you soon :-)

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