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TJ Moves to the USA ... Chapter 2 !!!

YES you read it right ...and here's why.

As you all know, last year i launched 'TJ & THE SUITCASE' and quickly had interest from the USA.

Following this i visited LA to follow up on that interest, and was then invited to be on the Legendary Blues Cruise where i made more friends and was encouraged to continue my musical journey in the USA.

So as you can imagine, when i got back to the UK i had some thinking to do, and have been talking to my contacts in the USA about possible future music projects, (and some acting work is also on the cards). After looking at everything i've decided that it makes sense for me too keep moving forwards and stay committed to living my dream. Yes it is a bit scary, but life is for living!

Later this year i'll be relocating to Los Angeles, California, USA.

I'm now working extra hard to make this happen.

I've had a run of 100 LIMITED EDITION BLACK & WHITE ARTWORK, NUMBERED & SIGNED by hand, copies of the TJ & THE SUITCASE EP CD's printed up, which are now available on the website 'STORE'.

This is a one off print run to help raise the funds for my relocation to the USA.

I also have 40 Posters which will all be available on the 'STORE' very soon, all of which will be NUMBERED & SIGNED by hand, with a personal message to you


Once the cd's and posters are sold there will never be any more printed so they are very LIMITED EDITION.

LTD EDTN EP's have already been sent out to everyone who donated to my Blues Cruise Funding drive as a THANKYOU gift.

Everyone who buys from this store is directly helping with my relocation to LA, so THANKYOU.

CHAPTER 2 promises to be very exciting, so watch this space for news!


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